Improving training with bespoke immersive learning applications

Our Work
"Working with Droman and Police Scotland has been a fantastic experience. In academia, we are typically focussed on finding interesting research problems, and providing relevant content to embed in our teaching. Both of these have been facilitated by our partnership with Droman and Police Scotland."

Dr.Natalie Coull, Abertay University
"The gamification engagement improves the users experience, improves accessibility and improves learning in an appealing technological environment fundamentally improving service delivery and capability."

Detective Inspector Eamonn Keane, Cybercrime Unit, Police Scotland

Our Approach

At Droman Solutions we combine many decades of policing, military and tech experience, so we understand the challenges of providing high quality training to busy workforces.

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and to develop engaging, flexible, accessible and cost-effective learning solutions that deliver significant business benefits.

Our Training is;

  • Developed by industry experts
  • Accessible at any time and on any device
  • Always current
  • Cost effective & reduces workplace abstraction
  • Great for rapid training of large numbers of staff
  • Accredited (if you need this)
  • Delivered with all the analytics you require for your learning management

Transforming Training through Technology

eLearning Design

Customised eLearning courses tailored to your unique business needs. Engage your staff with targeted, flexible, and cost-effective online training that is interactive and enjoyable.

Immersive Learning Solutions

Enhance learning outcomes with immersive experiences. Engage and motivate your staff through customised learning solutions that utilise the latest immersive technologies, improving retention and knowledge transfer.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Streamline your organisation's eLearning and training content with a custom learning management system. Achieve scalability, flexibility, and improved tracking while centralising your training materials for efficient management and distribution.


Engage & Encourage

Our products engage and encourage staff to learn whenever and wherever they learn best, in the office, whilst commuting or at home.​

mirror digital lifestyles

Accessible across platforms, our products mirror digital media lifestyles, creating a positive attitude to learning and better learning outcomes.​

Preferred Learning styles

Our products allow learners to choose their preferred learning style, whether reading notes and guidance first, or simply going straight to the interactive scenarios and experiencing realistic workplace challenges.

Refresh Skills

Our products allow staff to practise or refresh skills whenever they choose.


Our products can include push notifications, alerting users to new learning content or where events create the demand for rapid dissemination of information.​

learners take Action

Research shows that where learners take control of their learning, results are much better.​

Subject Matter Experts

Our products are developed by subject matter experts who are recognised by our customers as being the lead authorities in their field.

Industry Leading

Our strong links with the University of Abertay – a world leader in immersive learning through applied gaming - ensures our products reflect the latest developments in gaming technology and game ​based learning.


We ensure our products integrate with your policies, learning strategy and learning platform. Where required, we will review your skills frameworks and role descriptions, allowing simple mapping to appraisal and selection processes.​

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