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At Droman Solutions, we understand that off-the-shelf eLearning courses may not always meet the specific needs of your organisation. That's why we offer bespoke eLearning creation services, where we work closely with you to develop customised eLearning courses that are tailored to your unique business needs.


Customised eLearning:
Tailor-Made for Your Success

Our bespoke eLearning creation services offer numerous benefits for your organisation, including:

Tailored Learning Experiences for Any Budget and Device

• Work with us to create eLearning courses using available templates, making it more budget-friendly.

• Our courses are playable on all devices (PCs, laptops, and mobile devices), ensuring accessibility for all learners.

• Our eLearning courses are compatible with existing LMS. We also build made to measure LMS for your organisation.

Targeted and Flexible Content Development

• We develop bespoke eLearning courses relevant to your organisation, working with subject matter experts.

• Our courses can be designed to fit your specific business processes, policies, and procedures.

• Our collaborative eLearning products are regularly reviewed, refined and maintained as a result of legislative, policy or procedural change, user feedback and analytical review.

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experiences

• Our bespoke eLearning courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, enhancing learner participation and retention.

• Characters can be posed to enhance the visual experience and create relatable scenarios. For more interactive training, check out our immersive learning solutions.

Overcome Training Limitations

• Save money on expensive in-person training sessions by investing in our customised e-learning courses.

• Provide a convenient and accessible learning environment that allows your staff to learn at their own pace.

elearning Case study

Public Sector Procurement
Learning for Woman Led Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania.

Our process

eLearning delivered in 5 easy steps

Our bespoke eLearning creation service is a collaborative process, where we work closely with your organisation to create customised eLearning courses that meet your specific needs. Our process includes:

Meet and Discuss

To fully understand the concept, the target audience, the style of learning application and what management analytics are required.


The identified subject matter expert (yours or ours), technical developers and our learning experts agree the learning outcomes and develop the eLearning storyboard.

Costed Proposal

Now that we understand your expectations and needs we can put together a costed proposal.


We develop your app to EQA and Tech QA standards, continuing dialogue with your project manager or subject matter expert.


We deliver your bespoke eLearning and offer post-delivery support.

Work with us to design your next eLearning course.

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