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At Droman Solutions, we understand that traditional learning methods may not always be effective. That's why we offer immersive learning and training solutions, where we create customised learning experiences that use the latest immersive technologies to engage your staff and enhance learning outcomes.

Our solutions are SCORM compliant and work with any LMS.

BENEFITS OF immersive learning solutions

Revolutionise Training with Immersive Learning Experiences

Our immersive learning solutions offer numerous benefits for your organisation, including:

Real World Simulations

Our immersive learning experiences can simulate real-world scenarios, allowing your staff to practice and apply their skills in a safe and controlled environment. This includes cinematic animations, photorealistic assets, life-like characters, captivating environments and well-defined objects. Real workplaces can be simulated for a truly immersive experience. 

Enhanced Engagement

Our immersive learning experiences are designed to keep your staff engaged and motivated throughout the learning process. Learners can learn at their own pace through as training is playable on PC/laptops and/or virtual reality device. Training is also available as downloadable mobile device app from app stores, to play offline. 

Improved Retention

By using immersive learning technologies, we can create memorable learning experiences that improve retention and knowledge transfer. Our immersive learning is more complex to deliver, but content is more engaging and dynamic for learners. We have significant experience in item writing for question authoring and assessment purposes.

Customised Learning

We can create immersive learning experiences that are tailored to your specific business needs and learning objectives. Your training activities can be gamified, from physical training activities to even policies and procedures.

We also can work with you to create companion apps of 'aide memoire' style information, accessible by students as required, offering push notifications to learners to help further improve retention and learning outcomes.

immersive learning Case study

General Aviation Security Training (GSAT) with CAMOR

Our process

Immersive Learning delivered in 5 easy steps

Our immersive learning solutions are a collaborative process, where we work closely with your organisation to create customised learning experiences that meet your specific needs. Our process includes:

Meet and Discuss

To fully understand the concept, the target audience, the style of learning application and what management analytics are required.


The identified subject matter expert (yours or ours), technical developers and our learning experts agree the learning outcomes and develop the app storyboard.

Costed Proposal

Now that we understand your expectations and needs we can put together a costed proposal.


We develop your app to EQA and Tech QA standards, continuing dialogue with your project manager or subject matter expert.


We deliver your bespoke immersive learning application and offer post-delivery support.

Work with us to deliver your next immersive learning training solution.

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