General Aviation Security Training (GSAT)

January 24, 2023

General Aviation Security Training (GSAT)

Deliverables - Unity 3D WebApp for use on internet enabled PC/Laptop, Learning Management System and ‘Companion’ App for mobile devices

The Challenge:

GSAT training is required by the EU and Department for Transport legislation and is a mandatory requirement for aviation staff who require a security pass.

We partnered with CAMOR ltd. to create an immersive and engaging airport employee training solution to keep both staff and customers safe, whilst also supporting organisational training compliance and risk and vulnerability strategies.

The Solution:

After rigorous research into some of the pain points of e-learning, we decided the best solution would be to deliver;

  • a 3D immersive learning WebApp that utilises game-based techniques to engage the learner, where aviation staff can practice security-related decision making in a realistic but safe working environment.
  • a supporting Companion App for mobile devices, with security tips and advice at any moment of need.
  • a bespoke Learning Management System to manage all training users and to demonstrate training compliance.
  • the ability for client ‘administrators’ to send prioritised security alerts to staff mobile devices by push notification.
  • analytic/metrics data reports from the training solution to assist and support clients in risk mitigation and vulnerability reporting.

This exciting collaboration required careful planning and project management to ensure the delivery of the interdependent elements of the solution.

We organised workshops with our subject matter experts and developers, resulting in an engaging training WebApp based on a realistic scenario that encourages the learner to support a security manager who is reviewing airport security as a result of a terrorist attack at another airport.

The learning ‘threads’ as the scenario unfolds in the five modules, with engaging activities to learn about fundamental aspects of security, identification of suspicious behaviours and actions and responses.  Each module concludes with a formal assessment to achieve course learning outcomes and on successful completion, users receive an In-App, Civil Aviation Authority approved GSAT training certificate.

This solution also includes a bespoke Learning Management System, specifically designed around end client needs in managing GSAT training and demonstrating training compliance. However, we also developed the WebApp so that it can be integrated with other clients Learning Management Systems as required.  

GSAT Training LMS

To support aviation staff in their day to day work, we also developed a ‘Companion’ App, which supplements GSAT training by providing security advice and threat response actions at any moment of need. The Companion App is accessed on any mobile device and also offers red, amber and green push notifications, which are sent out by company administrators on security related matters.

GSAT Companion app

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