Learning Management Systems (LMS)

At Droman Solutions, we create bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) that can manage and deliver your organisation's eLearning and immersive learning training content. Our products are SCORM compliant and can operate with existing major LMS.

BENEFITS OF learning management systems

Streamline Learning with an Efficient LMS

Our bespoke LMS and LXPs offer numerous benefits for your organisation, including:

Centralised Management

Our learning management systems can centralise your organisation's training and eLearning content, making it easier to manage and distribute. Keep track and report on your staff’s learning progress and achievements.

Rich Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights into learner progress, engagement, and performance. Optimise training budget allocation and personalise learning experiences for maximum impact. Make data-driven decisions, improve training programmes, and achieve organisational learning goals.


Our LMS surpasses "off the shelf" solutions by providing extensive customisation capabilities. We work closely with you to incorporate essential features tailored to your specific needs, including mobile notifications and more. Our LMS is equipped with built-in resilience, ensuring uninterrupted service even in the event of potential failures. Our products are SCORM compliant and can operate with existing major LMS.

Compliance and Audit Trail

Our LMS platform comes equipped with robust compliance features ensuring that you can maintain accurate records of training completion and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations or internal policies during audits or inspections.

lms Case study

General Aviation Security Training (GSAT) with CAMOR

Our process

A bespoke Learning Management System delivered in 5 easy steps

Our learning management systems are a collaborative process, where we work closely with your organisation to create customised platforms that meet your specific needs. Our process includes:

Meet and Discuss

To fully understand the concept, the target audience, the style of learning application and what management analytics are required.

Costed Proposal

Now that we understand your expectations and needs we can put together a costed proposal.

Process Mapping

We work with you to define and then map the requirements, functionality and process flow for your learning management system.


We develop your learning management system/learning experience platform to EQA and Tech QA standards, continuing dialogue with your project manager or subject matter expert.


We deliver your bespoke learning management solution and offer post-delivery support.

Ready to create your next LMS/LXP with Droman Solutions?

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