National Higher Education Day - 2020

June 6, 2020

Distance learning and online learning have a long-established history in higher education. However, because of the current Covid-19 pandemic, higher education institutions are being forced to reimagine how they will continue to function going forward.  

All the major Universities in the UK have announced they are moving all their teaching online or are planning for a blended approach, mixing online and face-to-face tuition. While the more traditional forms of online learning are being discussed, higher education institutions are missing the opportunity to revolutionise online learning with more immersive and engaging learning approaches.

Many current and prospective students are voicing their concerns about this new online learning only format especially given the yearly cost of rising student fees. A significant number of current students have had mixed experiences with online teaching. They are not satisfied with lecturers simply uploading all their material without providing teaching. Others have found their online lectures to be substandard and not interactive compared to classroom teaching.  

We at Droman Solutions believe our innovative immersive learning solution approach will be a part of the future of higher education learning. It will address the concerns about lack of control and engagement students and lecturers have been expressing.

The pandemic has forced us all to reimagine how we are educating students and training our employees. The blended learning model will transform the higher education system and eventually the whole sector will follow the trend, according to academic and eLearning industry experts.

Blended learning solutions are learner-centric, and the online component provides control to learners to set and manage their own pace of learning while maintaining continuous access to online material they can refer back to once the module is over. Research has shown that learners have higher retention levels with blended learning solutions compared to a fully facilitated session. Since 2007, there have been multiple academic journal articles devoted to comparisons between blended learning solutions and more traditional learning solutions. The Bowyer and Chambers article (2017)[1] found with the support of a proactive tutor blended learning solutions students had improved coursework submission and greater retention rates.

Blended learning solutions are also designed to offer continued interaction with lecturers or trainers, as well as peers. They allow organisations to integrate more immersive online learning strategies including mobile and micro learning, gamification and video and social based learning, which resonate well with learners. This solution also gives educators and trainers the ability to quickly ascertain progress and at risk status quickly through online assessments.

Droman Solutions wants to be part of the renewed engagement with immersive learning solutions by higher education. We see this move towards amore digital approach as an opportunity to reach out to people who have faced restrictions to their learning in the past whether that be a physical or mental disability, or due to location and monetary restrictions.

If you wish to learn more about our immersive learning offerings ,please contact us.


[1]Bowyer, J. and Chambers, L., 2017. ‘Evaluating blended learning: Bringing the elements together’, Research Matters, Cambridge Assessment, Issue 23, pp.17 – 26,[Online],

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