E-Learning vs Immersive Learning

October 29, 2018

When talking about e-learning we often tend to think about an online course that delivers information to you through PowerPoint slides or video, however, the idea behind e-learning goes back to a pre-computer era. In 1924 a machine called the “Automatic Teacher” was created to help students test themselves on subjects. As technology developed so did the concept of electronic learning.

Training employees using computer-based learning became popular in the 2000’s and is still popular today. E-learning is a great way to train masses of people from a computer or cell phone and it is clear why businesses have chosen this route for training in many cases.

Traditional E-Learning

The problem is that e-learning can be incredibly dull. That is where immersive learning comes in. Immersive learning tries to solve the problem of disengagement by actually immersing the learner in the topic.

So, what is Immersive Learning?

Immersive learning is still a part of e-learning however, like the “Automatic Teacher” had to evolve with technology, so did traditional e-learning. Immersive learning is the evolution and future of e-learning. Moving away from traditional e-learning allows us to progress training in a more enjoyable way for the learner.

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Immersive learning takes the idea of presenting training on devices that learners already use frequently, such as a laptop, tablet or cell phone to allow learning to take place anywhere and at any time. It aims at using new technologies like virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality to immerse the learner to allow for a Deep Learning experience. It often uses gamification techniques as well as realistic 3D simulations with carefully placed learning materials.

While immersive learning seems like the obvious option it is important to remember that even though immersive learning is more engaging, learners will lose interest in the virtual world if there is not enough interesting content to engage with. It is not worth investing in the technology if the applications used do not engage the learner.

Having a training platform that is tailored to your needs is a good option for combatting this. It allows you to decide what information is important to get across and it gives you the freedom to decide to pick and choose elements of immersive learning that will work for your company.

If you have any questions about how immersive learning could benefit your company, please feel free to contact us.

Leanne Kahn

Leanne supports all areas of Droman Solutions activities, managing brand development, web design, content creation, digital presence and marketing campaigns, as well as supporting partnership marketing strategies. Her background in live-streaming and filmmaking brings valuable insight to immersive game storyboard development, as well as the delivery of video marketing and visual learning solutions.

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