Case Study

New South Wales Police:
Police Probationer Training

Deliverables – Unity 3D Web App for use on internet-enabled PC/Laptop, via client Learning Management System.

New South Wales Police and Charles Sturt University engaged our services to develop a prototype immersive learning module for police probationary training.

The idea was for new recruits to practice policing skills in a 3D simulation accessed remotely from their PC or laptop.   

We worked with police subject experts to develop a storyboard where the ‘player’ becomes one of the attending officers at an incident and where they need to consider incident prioritisation, situational awareness, threat and risk assessment, interviewing witnesses and radio procedures.

Our developers designed the environment to replicate the New South Wales Police practical training village, a location in which the officers will subsequently attend and undertake practical exercises in a physical environment they will have already become familiar with through this immersive learning solution.

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